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Phoenix Coyotes Day on Puck Daddy's National Hockey League of Nations

FFH contributed to Puck Daddy's Summer League of Nations project.


Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy has gone team by team and asked team-specific bloggers from around North America to choose the best players in their franchise's history by nationality. Today, it is time for the Phoenix Coyotes, and Five for Howling was chosen to make the selections.

The FFH team selected the best player in Coyotes history from Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Canada - Shane Doan

Roll your eyes, I know; it’s the most predictable answer. Doan has been the team’s ambassador for years now. He talks to each and every fan that he runs into and treats them like an old friend. When the team loses, Doan is the first one to answer media questions. The love for Doan continued to grow after he re-signed with the team, for less money than was reportedly offered on the open market, despite ownership uncertainty.

Please check out the full article on Puck Daddy. You can do so by clicking here.