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Phoenix Coyotes Preseason Countdown: 47 Days

With 47 days to go until preseason play begins, let's take a short jaunt down memory lane to Glendale City Hall.

Christian Petersen

Unfortunately for the past four years, the Phoenix Coyotes have been more heralded in the national media for their off-ice problems than their on-ice successes. While yesterday's news may indicate that the last obstacle to ending this saga may finally come crashing down, it's worth taking one last short look at how 4 of 7 Glendale City Council members decided to save the Coyotes.

Despite the bad rap Glendale receives for being incompetent, petty, over their heads, etc. when it comes to the Coyotes, in reality the City Council has never wavered when it mattered. In the previous two deals that came up for votes, the first with Matthew Hulsizer in 2011, and the second with Greg Jamison on two occasions in 2012. Ultimately, financial issues on the prospective buyers' end prevented either of them from completing the transaction, so this time the NHL took matters into its own hands.

When IceArizona (formerly Renaissance Sports & Entertainment) formally got involved in the process following the Jamison bid's collapse, the NHL decided it would be better for them to complete their end of the transaction first before going to the City of Glendale. After due diligence was completed, IceArizona turned to Glendale to discuss a 15 year, $225M lease agreement with revenue streams returned to the City to help offset some of the costs. After some tough back-and-forth negotiating, and no small amount of anxiety among Coyotes fans, once again four members of the City Council voted to approve the agreement and preserve hockey in the desert for years to come.