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New Writers Needed at Five For Howling

FFH is looking to add 3-4 new writers to our staff for the upcoming season.


With the preseason less than eight weeks away, we here at Five For Howling are looking to add new members to our team. We want to continue to produce a mix of articles and features that meet and exceed the standards our readers have come to expect, as we cover the Phoenix Coyotes.

As FFH, and SB Nation as a whole, continues to gain more access to media events, we are able to treat our readers to more in-depth and journalistic stories than ever before. Our staff continues to strive to combine the aforementioned types of stories with features regarding ownership, players and more lighthearted stories. We would love for you to join us and continue the journey.

What we are looking for:

Writers at FFH will be able to write about a wide variety of topics. The positions listed below represent what we are looking for as a primary focus, you will be able to write about more than that primary focus.

1 Writer - (Coyotes Tracks) Our daily links posts consists of articles found around the hockey world. We link to stories about the Coyotes, Portland Pirates, Gwinnett Gladiators, Arizona Sundogs, Manchester Phoenix and the NHL as a whole. The post ends with the "Final Howl" which is reserved for one humorous or thought provoking story. **This position's primary focus will be to complete at least 2 Tracks posts per week**

1 Writer - (Features) The fun part of writing where you can express your opinions or cover a player or situation in depth. Do you like doing research on individual players? Do you like going around Arena and talking to fans and staff with a story idea in mind? Then this position is for you. **This position's primary focus to pitch and write about the lighter, more creative side of things**

1 Writer - (Game Day) The highest volume of content we produce are game day related posts. A typical game day consists of a 10 am preview, a gamethread one hour before puck drop and a final recap. While all home recaps are accounted for, there is a need for preview writers and road recaps. **This position's primary focus will be to write previews and away game recaps**

As was mentioned before, all writers can (and probably will) write about everything while at the site. You may pitch story ideas, etc. Positions above would be the top priority, after those are completed, you are free to write about whatever you choose. Note: Positions are unpaid.

Thanks to all who applied!