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Friday's Coyotes Tracks - The End Is Near

The end to the Phoenix Coyotes' ownership saga is not too far off but in the meantime, there is a draft on June 30, and the Coyotes hold the 12th overall selection.

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Christian Petersen

Coyotes News

NHL Mock Draft 2013: Phoenix Coyotes select Bo Horvat with No. 12 pick - Five For Howling
With the superstar forwards off the board, the Coyotes select a strong two-way centerman with elite faceoff potential.

Renaissance, Glendale working toward compromise - Fox Sports Arizona
Ownership group offers $1.3 million escrow account to ease Glendale's concerns about revenue shortfall.

Coyotes saga nears likely end -
The end is finally, mercifully near.

Prospective Coyotes owner maintains intentions are pure | ProHockeyTalk
I.e., not secretly doing this to relocate the team.

Sundogs News

Team owners take control of Central Hockey League - Rapid City Journal
Rapid City Rush principal owner Scott Mueller hopes a change of ownership of the Central Hockey League will help bring stability to the economically volatile world of minor league professional

News From Around the Hockey World

Report: Agreement to send NHL players to Sochi Olympics is close | ProHockeyTalk
The inevitable is soon to happen.

Torres sticks with the Sharks but Coyotes excited about the draft pick he left behind |
Raffi signed with the Sharks on Thursday.

Blackhawks aim to keep the tempo fast in Game 5 -
The Blackhawks evened the Cup Final by winning Game 4 with a high-tempo game and pushed the pace. They'll try to do the same thing in Game 5.

NHL Mock Draft 2013 -
Our pick came out yesterday. Check that out as well as the rest of the top dozen.

Has the salary cap ruined the NHL for fans? - Eyes On The Prize
A look at the salary cap from SB Nation's Canadiens blog.

Stanley Cup Final Beard Watch: 2013 Beard of the Year | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Who has the Stanley Cup playoff beard of the year?

Blackhawks fan adds 2013 Stanley Cup title tattoo | ProHockeyTalk
So, what happens if Chicago loses the series?

The Final Howl

Best pick at No. 12: Marian Hossa, Ottawa Senators -
The Coyotes have the # 12 selection in this year's draft. A look at the best # 12 picks in NHL history.