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Never Fear Coyotes Fans, We've Heard This All Before

Statements from Bill Daly and Gary Bettman have worried many a Coyotes fan. But, this is not the first time we have heard these exact words.

Bruce Bennett

Gary Bettman said it's "possible" the Phoenix Coyotes will not play in Glendale next season.

Bettman said he is "worried" what will happen to the Westgate area and Arena if they Coyotes leave. Will the Arena be "boarded up"?

Bettman said his phone rings regularly with other interested hockey markets as the ownership saga carries on.

Bettman said that there is no timeline but that "time is getting shorter."

Bettman said "stuff" is "maybe" going to happen by June 27.

Strong statements, if they weren't already used in the past; time and time again.

Since day one of this ownership saga, there has always been a possibility of relocation. There have always been deadlines that have come and gone. Worry and uncertainty has always been present.

What makes today different? Nothing.

The NHL is attempting to put an increased amount of pressure on the City of Glendale to negotiate a lease agreement with Renaissance Sports and Entertainment as soon as possible. Today's "news" is a well orchestrated sales pitch executed to perfection. Bettman discusses how they would like the asset to stay, but there is a possibility it could go. He talks about that it's available for a short time only (!!!). He talks about what would happen if they didn't have that assets(gasp!). A sales pitch.

All things said by Bettman today were true, but we knew them all before. This issue will be resolved one way or another soon enough, but in the meantime, don't let political posturing ruin your day.