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Coyotes Ownership Update: Statements From Tuesday's Meeting Between RSE and the City of Glendale

Today representatives from the NHL and the Renaissance Sports and Entertainment group met with the City of Glendale to begin discussing an arena management agreement for Arena. This is one of the final steps required for RSE to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL.

Christian Petersen

As expected neither side was forthcoming with details of the meetings, but both sides expressed positive sentiments after today's talks. Prior to the release of official statements from both sides, Arizona Republic reporter Paul Giblin tweeted a quote from Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers stating:

A short time later, the City of Glendale released its official statement:

"The City Council will not be making a decision regarding the Coyotes until all pertinent information has been collected and reviewed and all the available options have been thoroughly studied. This includes several bids the city is expected to receive this Friday (May 31) from qualified venue managers interested in operating the city owned Arena. Glendale is committed to moving forward on a plan that is in the best interests of our city and our citizens."

Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly released the following statement from the NHL about the meetings:

"We had a number of constructive meetings today with the Mayor, various members of the City Council and the acting City Manager. Everyone involved in today's discussions shares the desire and ultimate objective of transitioning the ownership of the Coyotes and safeguarding the franchise's long-term future in Glendale. We expect that representatives from the Renaissance group will begin meeting with the City to see if a mutually agreeable lease arrangement can be forged expeditiously. We will have no further comment pending completion of that process."

Neither group was expected to express any definitive decisions regarding ownership after the meetings, but, there appears to be a positive tone coming from both sides. Stayed tuned for more details as they emerge.