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The Coyotes Word Association Game

With the season now fully in the rear view mirror we thought it was time to have a bit of fun. Ben and I came up with a Mike Gartner number list full of Coyotes and hockey related names. We then asked members of the FFH staff and Barbie4Yotes to respond to the names using the maximum of one sentence.

Christian Petersen

Shane Doan

Barbie4Yotes -Walks on ice water

Carl "Beta" Pavlock - Leader

Brendan Porter - Ubermensch

Carl "Alpha" Putnam - Loyal

Ben Shroyer - The nicest guy in sports Arena

Barbie - Future Home of Glendale's largest Flea Market?

Beta - Expensive Beer

B.P. - Far

Alpha - Not a bad seat in the house

B.S. - Best sports facility in AZ

Chad Johnson

Barbie - Comedy goldmine

Beta - Good potential backup

B.P. - Immaturity

Alpha - Next year's backup netminder?

B.S. - A solid backup goaltender

L.A. Kings

Barbie - Refs on the payroll

Beta - Sacramento logo last year

B.P. - Evil Empire

Alpha - Valerie's team

B.S. - Clever Twitter?

Teppo Numminen

Barbie - Coyote/Jet legend

Beta - Ring of honor

B.P. - #TeemuForever

Alpha - Extremely underrated

B.S. - The Captain's captain

Paul Kariya

Barbie - Forefront of the concussion discussion

Beta - eh/

B.P. - Who?

Alpha - Game 6 OT dagger

B.S. - Indifference

Brett Hull

Barbie - The Golden Brett

Beta - SNES hockey

B.P. - No Goal

Alpha - Pretty one timers


Jerry Moyes

Barbie - Thanks for nuthin

Beta - Moron

B.P. - Fail (NSFW answer: Douchebag)

Alpha - "Swift" bankruptcy

B.S. - Where do I begin, this guy is the biggest piece of.... well it looks like I'm out of time.

Dustin Brown

Barbie - Cheap shot artist (and that's after I cleaned up my original thoughts)

Beta - Defeated by water bottles

B.P. - Flop

Alpha - Annoying in multiple ways

B.S. - Wow where to start, this guy is the second biggest piece of.... and again I'm out of time.

Wayne Gretzky

Barbie - World's greatest-daughter maker

Beta - Hot daughter

B.P. - Severance

Alpha - Great player, Bad manager

B.S. - Super Fan #99

Mike Barnett

Barbie - Former Agent to the stars

B.P. - Ugh

Alpha - In over his head

B.S. - Who?

Don Maloney

Barbie - Hot son

Beta - Genius

B.P. - Merlin

Alpha - Magician


Dave Tippett

Barbie - Mr. Happy

Beta - The Best

B.P. - Ironclad

Alpha - Calm through the storm

B.S. - Miracle Worker

Boyd Gordon

Barbie - Puck magnet

Beta - Hard worker

B.P. - Ouch

Alpha - Adamantium

B.S. - #BeastMode

Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Barbie - 120 pounds of fight

Beta - The Future

B.P. - Swedish Beat

Alpha - Future resident at 30 Yonge Street

B.S. - Norris

City of Glendale

Barbie - Inept

Beta - Incompetent

B.P. - Circus Act

Alpha - Where I go to watch NHL hockey.

B.S. - In too deep

Dallas Drake

Barbie - Who?

B.P. - Oldtimer

Alpha - The toothless smile

B.S. - Dead to me

Derian Hatcher

Barbie - Gave JR the protein shake weight loss plan

B.P. - Jawbreaker

Alpha - Where I go to watch NHL hockey.

B.S. - Hockey hair

Nashville Predators

Barbie - Russian sweatpants (it's a long story)

Beta - Meh

B.P. - Catfish

Alpha - Coyotes East

B.S. - A model for success in a non-traditional market

St. Louis Blues

Barbie - Future Cup winners

Beta - Meh

B.P. - Meh

Alpha - The Devils Incarnate

B.S. - This

Bobby Smith

Barbie - Google search, please

B.P. - Before My Time

Alpha - Hockey nose

George Gosbee

Barbie - Last Hope

Beta - Hope?

B.P. - Savior

Alpha - Savior?

B.S. - The future