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3 More Questions with J.J. From Winging It In Motown

We check in once again with J.J. from SB Nation's Red Wings site. He answered our latest questions about the Red Wings. In case you missed last week's post you can check it out here.

Do you wish the Wings had made a move or two at the deadline?

I think the Wings had a chance to trade away some extra depth for a few draft pieces without hurting themselves in the short run. It would have been nice to land an impact player, but with the prices for some of them, I'm really happy Holland didn't overpay just for the sake of making a splash. That said, I'm pretty disappointed that Ian White is still on the roster. The Wings have too many defensemen now and he was easily the odd-man out as the least-likely player to be a part of the Wings' plans going forward. I think whatever Holland could have gotten would have been better.

What are the chances Valtteri Filppula and Jimmy Howard (both UFAs) re-sign with the Wings during the off-season?

Chances that Howard comes back are very good. I think the Wings realize how much they want him back and I think Howard isn't going to ask for insane Pekka Rinne money or anything. I'd say chances on Filppula returning are 50/50. Chances of Filppula returning at a price that Wings fans like are much, much worse.

Are you guys going to miss playing the Coyotes more than twice a season?

Honestly? I'm personally not going to miss the Coyotes games, but there are a lot of Wings fans in Phoenix who aren't going to get to see their Wings as much and that kind of sucks for them.