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2013 NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread: Buying, Selling, or Standing Pat

An open thread to discuss all of today's wheeling and dealing.


The 2013 lockout shortened hockey season has involved a slightly more condensed schedule, log jams in the standings in both conferences and a late trade deadline.

The question of the day for Coyotes fans was asked by our very own Ben Shroyer late last night, what does GM Don Maloney do today? With their win against the Kings last night the Coyotes currently sit in twelfth place in the Western Conference. Does the team's GM think they have a realistic shot at squeaking into the playoffs. If so, does he try and make a trade or two to beef up this year's roster. Or does he believe they don't have much of a shot of making the playoffs and look to make moves to help the team next season and beyond. Or is he stuck in the middle? Or does he decide to stand pat? No easy decision for the Coyotes GM.

Looking at the NHL in general, with the vast majority of NHL clubs still having a shot at the playoffs will there be a bunch of moves today or will most teams wind up standing pat, in part due to the lack of sellers?

Join the trade discussion in the comment thread.