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Shane Doan vs. Keith Yandle in NHL 14 Cover Vote

Two of the team's leaders square off in the first round of EA Sports voting campaign.

Christian Petersen

After the success of last year's NHL13 inaugural cover vote campaign, Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to once again let NHL fans choose who will be on the cover of this year's version of their NHL video game franchise which will arrive in stores in September.

The vote is taking place in four stages. In the first stage, it's teammate versus teammate. One player from each team will advance along with two wild card selections. The two Coyotes for fans to choose from are captain Shane Doan and associate captain Keith Yandle. Check out this video from the team's website where both players 'attempt' to lobby for fan's votes. This stage began on Monday and last though this coming Sunday April 28th. This time around could be interesting because a number of teams have some unexpected players to choose from. For example, one of Nashville's choices in Brandon Yip and Zbynek Michalek's brother Milan is one of the choices for Ottawa.

After the first stage, the 32 players selected will be whittled down to 16 from April 29 through May 5. The 16 players selected will then be broken down in a bracket where they will face off in weekly round by round single eliminations to decide the finalists. The 16 player bracket portion of the contest will take place from May 6 - May 26. The Finals of the contest where the winner will be chosen will take place from May 27 - June 2. The winner will be announed during the Stanley Cup Final.

The one huge change this year is fans can also use Twitter to vote. In addition, Twitter votes will count double. The catch is you can only vote on Thursdays. Check out the hastags to use here. Which fanbase will turn out like the Flyers followers did last year to get Claude Giroux on the cover?