Phoenix Coyotes Fan Video: Pack Pictures Needed!

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Hello Pack,

I like many of you have been struggling with the roller coaster ride of being a Coyotes fan...but what a wonderful wild ride it is, isn't it? I love this team, as you all do, and I want to see them stay here. It has been wonderful to see the work our team is doing on the ice, wonderful to see Todd Walsh's "Remember When" segment, and wonderful to see all the political action work going on in Glendale. What I want to do is let the world see US, The Pack, simply being fans of this amazing team.

Here is the concept:

A YouTube video with a short intro, voiced by our very own Dave Zorn, then a series of pictures and short video clips of Coyote fans, with a closing that would read like a commercial to a potential owner. I'm still working on that part, if any one would like to help with that just let me know. I have a wonderful brother, who happens to have his own video business, and has offered to put this together for us with some of his magic. What do I need from The Pack?? PICTURES!!!

Here are the instructions:

Get dressed up in your Coyotes gear. Nicole wear your ears! Dress up your kids, your dog, your cat. Then make a sign that reads: "I am part of The Pack" or "We are part of The Pack". Then take a picture holding your sign. Next, upload that picture to me at You can opt to do a SHORT video where you say the words, but the sound has to be VERY GOOD and the file that you send can't be over 15mb. If you can pull it off though go for it! Then take your Coyotes gear and put it on your neighbors, hand them the sign and take a picture of them and send it to me. You get the idea! If you are a fan that doesn't live here in AZ then feel free to include your location on your sign. Please email your pictures to me NO LATER THAN March 18th. Get creative and let's show the doubters and the nay sayers that WE ARE THE PACK, WE ARE HERE, AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE HERE! I hope that you will help spread the word and I think the message will be a powerful one!

Thank you all!

Katrina DeVinny

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