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A New Suitor Emerges: Darin Pastor May Be Looking To Buy Phoenix Coyotes

Out of nowhere another person has emerged with interest in purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes and keeping them in Glendale. This time it is Buffalo native and investor Darin Pastor and his company Capstone Affluent Strategies.

Bruce Bennett

Reports that the Phoenix Coyotes may be moved seemed to have increased interest among potential investors. Yesterday, we wrote about George Gosbee, the Alberta native working with Ice Edge to buy the team but today a new suitor emerged from south of the 49th parallel. Buffalo, NY native Darin Pastor announced via press release that his company Capstone Affluent Strategies has formed an exploratory committee with investment bankers and advisers to possibly purchase the Coyotes.

Capstone Affluent Strategies began when 6 advisers left Prudential Securities with about $450 million in assets in October of 2012 to join LPL Financial with the plan to bring in an additional 15 advisers within two months. Capstone currently has offices in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Parsippany, and New York Capstone's connection to LPL could be key they are the largest organization of independent financial advisers in the United States with about $353 billion in advisory and brokerage assets.

Darin Pastor himself could be a very impressive owner, he was ranked as the top-producing senior investment manager in 2009, 2010, and 2012 and has worked with JPMorgan Chase and Prudential. More importantly, he has been quoted as saying "Hockey is in my DNA. My family has enjoyed a love affair with the sport for over three generations. When we saw the prospect to get involved with the NHL and purchase the Coyotes, it was like a dream come true." His family is no stranger to buying struggling teams either, his grandfather and great-uncles purchased the AHL Buffalo Bison Hockey Club when they were being threatened with relocation, and eventually won the Calder Cup before the team eventually ceased operation after Buffalo was awarded an NHL expansion team.

Pastor seems like he could be a good fit for the team who has been without an owner and threatened with relocation for 4 years.