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Who is Potential Phoenix Coyotes Suitor George Gosbee?

See if this sounds familiar? A report comes out and announces that the NHL is investigating relocating the Phoenix Coyotes. A short while later information on a new potential suitor comes out, and that he is in talks with the NHL to buy the team. This has been the story for the past 3 years, so as Coyotes fans we've all become immune to it, but somehow hope springs eternal in Arizona.

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Bruce Bennett

So the bomb this time was dropped at 8:41pm Phoenix time last night in the midst of Iggy mania. TSN host Darren Dreger posted this tweet:

He clarified that time was running out (Tell me something we didn't already know)

Moments later Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo Sports contacted Bill Daly and got back a response likely sent as an automated "out of office" message:

A few hours later John Shannon of Sports Net, posted the name. Most, if not all Coyotes fans had never heard before, George Grosbee.

Our local Fox Sports Arizona Coyotes Beat writer Craig Morgan confirmed Shannons report with a tweet all his own:

So the question stands, who in the hell is George Grosby? From late night research, I found he is one of Alberta's 50 most influential people, he may or not be a pirate, and has an inactive Twitter account. People who did more digging than a cursory Googling of his name, have found much more. He serves as Vice Chair on the board of AIMCO an Investment Management corp. in Alberta, a board that Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz also serves on. According to Craig Morgan's report, he was President and CEO of Tristone Capital Global Inc., a former board member of Chrysler Group LLC, is a member of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and a director of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

Stay tuned...