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Nine Reasons Phoenix Coyotes Fans Will Like NHL Realignment

The Phoenix Coyotes will begin play in a new 7 team division next season due to the NHL realigning the entire conference and division structure and playoff format.

Kevin C. Cox

Yesterday, the NHL Board of Governors gave the final approval needed for realignment to happen. There are a multitude of reasons why the alignment starting next season will be an improvement over the current setup. I'll miss the current alignment about as much as I missed the guy who briefly wore the number nine for the Coyotes. In honor of Brett Hull, I present you with nine reasons why the Pack will enjoy realignment better than the current alignment.

1. The most obvious one - Better playoff odds compared to playing in the Eastern Conference.

2. Additional trips to Western Canada means more chances for Coyotes play by play man Matt McConnell to win curling matches.

3. An increase in the number of dual anthem games for Coyotes anthem singer Patrick Lauder.

4. Dave Tippett's record as Coyotes' head coach against the new division rivals from Western Canada is 26-11-4.

5. Arizona Republic Coyotes beat writer Sarah McClellan gets to see her beloved Oilers (lose) more in person.

6. We get to see fewer tin foil hat mobs.

7. Division rivalry hate will increase due to divisional playoff format.

8. Fewer trips to a city whose most famous landmark is a book depository.

9. Coyotes fans get to see every NHL team at least once every season at Arena.