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Letter From The Editor: The Five For Howling Community

Five for Howling's managing editor discusses changes at the network which should facilitate more interaction at the site.

Bruce Bennett

A number of weeks ago several readers at the site suggested we write a post for people who are new to the sport and/or the Coyotes. I thought it was an excellent idea and contacted our editing staff about such an article. At some point in the planning process I realized I was the last person who should probably be writing such a post. Certainly I could answer questions newbies might have, but I would have little clue what their questions would actually be as a longtime fan. What I should have done was suggest to those people who had the questions write them up as a Fanpost. This brought up another subject I had been thinking about since taking over the site in January. Community. While we have one here, it is a small and I would like to see get bigger.

Over the past month there have been a number of changes made at the network which I think can help in developing a larger, more robust community at the site. First, in late January, there were changes made to the background colors, so the Fanposts and Fanshots would stand out more. At the same time Fanposts and Fanshots were added to the My SB Nation tab where your favorited sites are displayed when you log in. Then a couple of week back changes were made to the Fanshots section which include the ability to Fanshot tweets among other things.

I hope these changes will embolden readers who currently aren't members to join the site and those who are members who don't actively engage in either our comment sections or create their own posts to do so when they feel they have something important to add to the conversation. When the editorial staff sees reader created work which we think merits a wide audience we can put them on the front page of the site and, in the case of Fanposts, we can put them in the cover. This means content you write can be placed right alongside that of the site's staff.

On a related note, I highly recommend to all of our readers become members at Blog Huddle. Blog Huddle is SB Nation's blog about SB Nation. You'll get information on what is going on at the network including updates to the network. Also, if you haven't already, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Carl Putnam

Managing Editor