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Coyotes Shootout King: Remembering Adrian Aucoin's Career

A look back at Adrian Aucoin's NHL career.

Christian Petersen

Yesterday via an NHLPA press release, Adrian Aucoin announced his retirement after 17 NHL seasons, 1108 regular season games and 62 postseason games. He played three of those years in Phoenix with the Coyotes.

Aucoin was a hidden gem of a draft pick by the Vancouver Canucks in 1992; he was selected 177th overall that year. An assist machine throughout his career, the seven seasons he spent with the Canucks were also quite prolific as far as goal scoring. Aucoin tallied 23 goals in the 1998-99 season, 18 on the power play.

His time in Vancouver would come to an abrupt end in 2001 when Aucoin was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. He would spend only 26 games in Tampa before getting dealt to the New York Islanders in the offseason. He would play two seasons each with the Chicago Blackhawks (where he was captain) and the Calgary Flames before finding his way to Phoenix.

Brought to Phoenix primarily as a shutdown defenseman, Aucoin demonstrated another hidden talent that the Coyotes put to good use in 2009-10. He set an NHL record for most consecutive game winning shootout goals in a single season, with a quick high glove-side shot that few goaltenders could stop. Aucoin would score 13 goals and record 50 assists in 243 games in Arizona.

After a relatively forgettable shortened season in Columbus, Aucoin ended up without a team and decided to hang up his skates. Unfortunately, Aucoin would only make it past the first round of the playoffs once in his career (with the Coyotes in 2011-12).

Despite no longer playing, Aucoin will still be active in the game of hockey. The Blackhawks hired him to work with their young defensemen as part of their player development system. No matter where he works, Coyotes fans should applaud Adrian Aucoin's long and successful career in the NHL.

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