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Why Phoenix Suns Fans Should Become Phoenix Coyotes Fans

With the return of the NHL, it's time for fans of the Valley's oldest professional sports franchise to jump on the Desert Dog bandwagon.

Christian Petersen

As a public service we've decided to provide members of Planet Orange with a list of reasons they should become fans of the hockey team which used to reside in the same building as the Suns. Below are ten reasons why Phoenix Suns fans should look at becoming Phoenix Coyotes fans.

  1. The team's leader is a Canadian. When he had the choice to leave Phoenix as a free agent he decided to stay unlike a certain point guard.
  2. Hockey sweaters > basketball jerseys.
  3. Tickets are much cheaper for Coyotes games than for Suns games.
  4. If there is one group of fans who know what it is like when an owner comes hires a player agent as GM it is fans of Phoenix's hockey club. You'll have plenty to talk about with your new found brethren.
  5. You like shot blockers? Can Marcin Gortat do this?
  6. Physical contact doesn't result in a stoppage in play.
  7. Your hatred for L.A. based teams needs not cease.
  8. You'll get to watch the best young sports talent in the city.
  9. The NHL lockout was almost a mirror image of last year's NBA lockout.
  10. The Coyotes actually have a shot at making the post-season.