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Manchester Phoenix Report - Still Work To Do

The Manchester Phoenix have had an up down January so far.

Richard Allan

Earlier in January we checked in with a couple of guys who work for Five for Howling's adopted European team. This week we check in on the team itself. While we've been linking to Phoenix news in our daily Tracks posts hopefully updates like this one might be more helpful to those not paying attention on a daily basis. This season has been mostly positive for Manchester's EPL hockey squad with.They have recorded two six game winning streaks and have won 24 of the 37 games they have played.

The club started this month off with a loss, but then rattled off 3 wins in a row including a pasting of the league leading Guildford Flames on January 12. However, this past weekend the Phoenix struggled. They lost on the road to the Basingstoke Bison and then returned home to lose to Petersborough Phantoms 4-3 in OT. The lost to the Bison hurt even more because they now sit 2 points ahead of the Phoenix in second place in the EPL. The one point Manchester picked up in their last game has them sitting two points behind the 2nd place Bison and 3 points behind the Flames in the standings. With 16 games left on their schedule, the Phoenix still have plenty of time to catch up and win the league title.

We will be checking back in on Manchester from time to time as the race for the EPL title hits the home stretch.