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The Phoenix Coyotes New Marketing Campaign

Every season hockey teams reveal a new marketing campaign. These are designed to get people excited about hockey and get people to go to games or at least watch them on TV. This year's Phoenix Coyotes campaign slogan is "Join the Hunt."

Christian Petersen

Last year's Phoenix Coyotes marketing slogan "Hockey the Hard Way" seemed to resonate with fans. This year the theme is "Join the Hunt." If you have been to the Phoenix Coyotes website or follow the Coyotes on Twitter you were probably already aware of the theme of this year's campaign. In addition to making their presence known online, the campaign has also developed TV and radio spots.

The campaign highlights the team's on-ice success despite off-ice issues along with some of the new graphics developed this year including a 2013 Join The Hunt Coyotes shield and stylized Coyotes player. The Coyotes are coming off their most successful season, winning the Pacific Division as well as making it to the Western Conference Finals, so highlighting success was a smart move. This year's theme also is a play off the animal the team is named for.

This year's TV Launch Spot

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