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Glendale Tax Initiative Update

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Today it was announced that the Arizona Supreme Court will not be hearing the City of Glendale's appeal regarding Save Glendale Now!'s tax petition. This means that the petition will be going on the ballot allowing citizens to vote on the sales-tax initiative in the November election. Recently there were reports that city officials wanted to make changes to the lease agreement with potential Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison, likely having something to do with this issue right here.

I do not believe that this is going to be a major hurdle for purchase of the team since its likely both sides have already planned for this contingency. Its been reported from multiple mediums that Jamison has the money to purchase the team and that their group expects all issues with the city to be resolved by the end of the month. There will possibly be some changes made to the lease agreement, although probably nothing substantial, and Councilwoman Joyce Clark reported on Twitter that a new vote would not be required if that happens.