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Countdown to Coyotes Preseason: 19 Days

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What else would the staff at Five for Howling pick to represent #19 than #19 himself Shane Doan? Sure, right now he's in the middle of some free agency limbo, but he is and hopefully will continue to be, the face of the Phoenix Coyotes franchise.

Just a selection of where Shane Doan stands in the history of the Coyotes:

1st - Number of Games Played with the Franchise with 1,198.

3rd - Goals Scored behind Hawerchuk and Tkachuk with 318 (Record is 379)

3rd - Points behind Hawerchuk and Steen (none actually in Phoenix) with 788.

3rd - Assists behind the same two players with 470.

3rd - PIM with 1,071 behind Tkachuck and Laurie Boschman

1st - Game Winning Goals (59)

It's the individual moments that everyone will remember though. From Doanface to him avoiding Jimmy Howard and basically knocking himself out of the playoffs. He even won an NHL AllStar Game elimination shootout. As you saw earlier today in the Roundtable though it's Doan's first and, so far, only hat trick that fans remember best. Sure, it was in a run away game against the Islanders, but as far as regular season moments go it's probably the single best fans of this team have known.

Shane Doan hat trick 1/7/12 (via NHLVideo)

We just have a little bit longer to wait to see what exactly is going to happen. Hopefully we get to see a lot more moments and a pile of records broken by Captain Coyote.