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The Phoenix Coyotes Ownership Saga, An End In Sight?

Have the City of Glendale and Greg Jamison Come to an Agreement in the Phoenix Coyotes Lease? From the latest release from the City of Glendale it would appear so.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

What a whirlwind day in Coyotes ownership news (What else is new?). Earlier today, it was "reported" by the Hockey News, that the Jamison group was still woefully short of funds...

(According to our source, Jamison had to come up with $70 million toward the purchase price.)

According to our source, no one subscribes to magazines anymore, but that's besides the point.

Shortly after this story came out John Shannon, did some digging of his own:

Imagine that, going to the actual person negotiating the deal and not an "Anonymous source close to the deal". Then later in the afternoon the City of Glendale posted the following meeting agenda on their site:

City Of Glendale Workshop Agenda 10/2/12

In it is mostly rehashings of things we have heard before; the goal to keep the team here for the next 20 years, the city receives 15% of the naming rights, The city pays an average arena management fee of $15 million per year, etc. Then we get to this glorious nugget of info at the bottom of the first page:

During today’s workshop, the Acting City Manager will present the final agreed upon restructuring terms.

Wait what? They are using words like "Final" and "Agreed". Not since the City of Glendale has decided to alter the deal due to their impending financial quagmire have we seen words with such finality. Could this all be coming to an end? We will know more on October 2nd.

According to Sonu Munshi, AZ Republic's new Glendale beat reporter, a deal might not quite be finalized, but it seems as if the attention is to get there by Tuesday.

Is it more of the same or truly the end of this long saga. Imagine if the NHL and NHLPA can also make real progress this weekend, could be a good time to be a Coyotes fan.