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Coyotes Tracks - September 17, 2012 - Blue Monday

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Yesterday marked the first day of the NHL lockout. Between the tweets about how Bettman and owners are handling their business and the NHL taking down any current NHL players from the main page it was easy to forget that the fans are the ones that get jerked around in the end. The NHLPA and few select players decided to take to Youtube to remind fans where they stand with the fan base. The video link is below as well as Bettman's extended stay in Vancouver the night the Canucks lost to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Coyotes News

Phoenix Coyotes Release Statement To The Fans - Five For Howling
Like every other team, the Coyotes also released a statement this morning regarding the lockout.

Four Months Later: the Dustin Brown Hit on Michal Roszival Revisited | The Hockey Writers
This one will get you going all over again.

Around the Hockey World

Message from the NHL - - News
The NHL Posted this message for their fans today.

A message from Players to Fans about the NHL Lockout - YouTube
Great video done by the NHLPA.

NHL lockout hurts fledgling NBC Sports Network –
Philadelphia Flyers' owners, Comcast is set to lose twice if lockout continues.

In NHL's cold war, Russia gets MVP
Evgeni Malkin signs with KHL team and leads the pack of star players shipping to other leagues.

Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk signs with Russian club for duration of NHL lockout |
First Red Wing to sign with a European team for the lockout.

What THN will look like during the NHL lockout - The Hockey News
THN's editor in chief writes about how THN will cover hockey during an NHL lockout.

Sunday Comics: The lockout could have been avoided edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
This should make you laugh then feel a little sad.

Don't forget your Game Center Live and Center Ice packages renew automatically. - Mile High Hockey
For anyone who has either package, this is a must read.

The Final Howl

How Gary Bettman Spent The Vancouver Riots - Deadspin
Excerpted from The Instigator: How Gary Bettman Remade the League and Changed the Game Forever, out in Canada now and in the U.S. Oct. 1.