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Countdown To Coyotes Preseason: 9 Days

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We are down to single digits on the number of days remaining before the Phoenix Coyotes are scheduled to play the Los Angeles Kings. Only nine days separate today from that game. This season will be the 9th season the Coyotes will play at Arena in Glendale.

Glendale Arena opened on Dec. 26, 2003. The arena was renamed Arena in October of 2006 when purchased the naming rights for 10 years and $30 million. The stadium cost $220 million to build and seats 17,125 for hockey games.

The first Coyotes game at the new arena took place on Dec. 27, 2003 against the Nashville Predators. The Coyotes lost 3-1 and the first goal ever scored in the arena was by Predators forward Scott Walker. The first Coyote to score in the new arena was Brian Savage.

After last season, The Coyotes have spent the majority of their time in Arizona playing in Glendale. Recent playoff success over the previous three seasons has reinvigorated the White Out westward from downtown Phoenix to Glendale.