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Phoenix Coyotes Deal Could Be Reached Today, Glendale City Manager Believes

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The Glendale City Council is seeking to renegotiate terms of the already approved Arena Lease Agreement with Phoenix Coyotes suitor Greg Jamison, after calling a special workshop on Wednesday. Interim City Manager Horatio Skeete was quoted at the workshop as saying, "If I cannot renegotiate with Jamison, I cannot suggest the city move forward with the Coyotes." The lease agreement was approved by the City Council at a public meeting on June 8th, but has been thrown into limbo following a court decision to allow Glendale's new sales tax initiative to be put to a vote on the November ballot. The funds from the tax increase would, in part, help pay the arena management fees to Jamison's group under the Agreement originally approved.

Of course, these renegotiations may put a wrench in the plans for Coyotes Captain Shane Doan, who has set a deadline of September 15th to re-sign with his club of 16 years. Getting all the details worked out in short order amidst all of these deadlines and moving parts is putting plenty of pressure on all of those involved.

However, Skeete feels it isn't too far fetched, telling the Arizona Republic's Lisa Halverstadt (@LisaHalverstadt) that Jamison has been in contact and touching base multiple times throughout the day, while leaving the possibility of an agreement of terms coming as soon as tonight. Whether those terms would then have to go to another public vote, and whether an agreement in principle might be enough for Doan to re-sign in Phoenix are not at all clear at this time.