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Coyotes Tracks - September 11, 2012 - Doom & Gloom

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The weather this morning in the Valley of the Sun is wet and gloomy. The same could be said for the prospects of the NHL and the NHLPA coming to an agreement before their current collective bargaining agreement ends on Saturday. We have links on last night's Coyotes open house, the CBA situation from a number of angles, and Bob McKenzie and Yotesgurl let out their frustrations in their own unique ways.

Links after the jump...

Coyotes News

Glendale leaders will discuss life without sales-tax hike - AZ Central
The Coyotes and Greg Jamison will be on the schedule.

Coyotes' CEO Mike Nealy Remains Hopeful Several Deals Can Be Worked out - Bleacher Report
Mike appears optimistic on a number of fronts.

Among NHL Goalies, Is Mike Smith Under the Most Pressure to Succeed?
If he's not, he's near the top in the category.

Countdown To Coyotes Preseason: 14 Days - Five For Howling
Carl Pavlocks look at the goalie who started 14 games last season.

DIAF NHL & NHLPA - Yotesgurl Presents…..
Warning: Yotesgurl is pissed off. Therefore this post is NSFW.

09/10/2012 - Tommy Powers Q & A Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
Tyson Nash talks with Tommy Powers, the new Strength and Conditioning Coach.

News From Around the Hockey World

City Council reaches revised arena deal - The Seattle Times
The city of Seattle is expected to pony up $200 million to help pay for the arena. Someone might want to give Darcy Olsen a call...

An NHL lockout could hurt Bruins-based businesses far beyond the Garden - Boston Business Journal
Businesses around NHL arenas will be among the victims if there is a lockout.

Kings' Cup celebration dimmed by CBA - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Life as a Los Angeles Kings fan is so difficult these days.

NHL teams lose money, and the lockout isn’t going to change that - Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
An interesting discussion regarding the profitability of the NHL as a whole and whether these negotiations can address these underlying issues.

As NHL lockout nears, teams, players and sponsors eye potential impact - NHL - Sporting News
Will a lockout make the league even more irrelevant in the sports landscape?

NHL labor talks: History backs NHLPA’s trust in Steve Fehr - NHL - Sporting News
A look one of the NHLPA's lawyers, Don Fehr's brother.

Remembering two from the hockey family lost on 9/11 (Puck Daddy Annual Tribute) - Puck Daddy
This story on KIngs scouts Mark Bavis & "Ace" Bailey was originally published 3 years ago.

The Final Howl

An in-depth review of NHL 13 - Down Goes Brown