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Phoenix Coyotes Sale To Greg Jamison Done, Sources Say


A source that has worked with the Coyotes management team for years has passed along some very exciting news, telling Five For Howling that the sale of the team to Greg Jamison is done. This source had normally been very cautious about their statements regarding this whole thing, part of the reason we're confident this is indeed the real deal.

At this point we do not have a definitive time table, although we have heard that the announcement won't be made until later, probably closer to the Coyotes training camp. Additionally, another close source has said that the "Coyotes weren't going anywhere," and if you were waiting to buy a new Yotes sweater you won't have to wait long.

Here at Five for Howling, we do our best to steer clear of the rumor mill, even more so adding to rumors. With much debate, we have decided to come forth with information that we feel confident enough to report on.

Right about the same time we received the information from our sources we noticed Jude LaCava from Fox 10 tweeted this:


Although this doesn't directly confirm our sources, we do see it as a good sign. We would also like to note that Jude has been in contact with Greg Jamison but he is not our source on this.

I know a lot of you are skeptical but we at the site trust this source. That being said we will be waiting for an official announcement as much as you probably are. This comes off reports from multiple sources that have said that Jamison has secured the finances to purchase the team.