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Arizona Supreme Court Accepts City of Glendale's Appeal

We interrupt your regularly scheduled daily lives for a quick update on the ongoing fight between Save Glendale Now (SGN) and the City of Glendale over a proposed initiative reversing the current sales-tax increase. Mike Sunnucks of the Phoenix Business Journal reports that the Arizona Supreme Court has accepted an expedited review of the case. Unlike the previous two hearings, there will be no oral arguments (meaning Carl is off the hook for another trip downtown). Additionally, the timing of the November election means that a final decision on whether or not the initiative makes the ballot will likely come down on or before September 7th.

As we've mentioned before, this is only peripherally related to Greg Jamison's deal to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes; it is of a much larger concern however for the City of Glendale's fiscal health. This also does not mean the initiative is in the clear; Glendale attorneys have spoken on the record that they do not believe the initiative has the power to reverse the existing sales-tax; the only definitive resolution of this issue will be if the AZ Supreme Court decides to keep SGN's initiative off of the ballot.