Updating the Coyotes shoulder logo

So ever since the Coyotes changed their jersey/logo to their current style, as much as I like it, I always thought that the shoulder logo (the state flag in the shape of Arizona with "PHX" across the bottom) was missing something.

Because they didn't use the star that's normally in the center of the Arizona flag, it just seemed a little too plain.

I loved the moon logo that they used to have on their shoulder (which they still use on their pants, and have hanging above the arena), so I thought I'd merge the two.


Personally I think the moon fits so well in the place where the star normally goes, and it merges the imagery of the Coyotes team to the state of Arizona even more.

On a side note, I would also love to see the moon at center ice again. It was always unique that the Coyotes used their alternate logo at center ice, whereas nearly every other team used their main logo.

Any comments?

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