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Coyotes Tracks - August 12th, 2012 - Sunday Six


Well its become a staple of this off season that nothing important happens on the weekends. This means that hockey bloggers everywhere are taking time to remember, reflect and probably go on vacation because there hasn't been a lot of news. We do have some news though including a couple of Coyotes stories, including our Essentials post that was on Puck Daddy yesterday. Also we have a couple of interesting hockey stories that are definitely worth you checking out. All that and more after the jump.

Coyotes News

A Look Back: Jeremy Roenick's Induction Into Coyotes Ring Of Honor : Phoenix Coyotes
Jamie looks back at Jeremy Roenick being retired to the Ring Of Honor.

Countdown To Coyotes Preseason: 44 Days - Five For Howling
Today's date is an important one in the history of the Phoenix Coyotes. Five years ago today the Coyotes traded Kevyn Adams for Radim Vrbata.

News From Around the Hockey World

What if...The Wild had selected Claude Giroux instead of James Sheppard? - Hockey Wilderness
Hockey Wilderness takes a look at the road not traveled.

Dominik Hasek began training for "NHL or bust" attempt this week | ProHockeyTalk
Not sure if he can do it but I'm intrigued by the story.

Shea Weber, Louis C.K., and the real reason offer sheets are so rare | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Offer sheets are so rare because its such a big gamble and no matter what happens you just pissed off a guy you have to work with.

The Final Howl

The Essentials: Phoenix Coyotes Edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
We talked to Puck Daddy to the explain the essentials of being a Yotes fan.