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Coyotes Tracks - August 11th, 2012 - Weekend Update

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Two nights ago we had kind of a big story here at Five For Howling regarding the Phoenix Coyotes and Greg Jamison. Since we broke it late yesterday was when it finally got republished places like Backhand Shelf and Puck Daddy along with some of our sister sites like On The Forecheck. Sorry I just find that cool since those are the sites I regularly go to. In addition to some of those reactions we also have Coyotes stories including General Manager Don Maloney talking about a Coyotes prospect. We also have some interesting stories from around the hockey world like a minor league team getting in big trouble all after the jump.

Coyotes News

Source says Phoenix Coyotes sale to Jamison is done - On the Forecheck
Dirk Hoag talks about our article and gets more comments about it.

Countdown to Coyotes Preseason: 45 Days - Five For Howling
From virtually non-existent expectations, the Phoenix Coyotes stormed their way back to respectability and waged a hard fought series against one of the NHL's marquee franchises. Today's edition of Countdown to Coyotes Preseason looks back to 2010.

Across the Water: Coyotes Past and Present Overseas - Five For Howling
Many great players have found success on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Here's a look a some recent Coyotes who have made the trek overseas.

Phoenix's Connor Murphy aims to put injury problems behind him - Prospects |
A look at the Coyotes first round pick in 2011.

News From Around the Hockey World

The OHL laid the boots to the Windsor Spitfires for inappropriate recruiting | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
That's a lot of cash and picks.

Lundqvist, Prust, Cammalleri, Winnik weigh in on lockout talk | ProHockeyTalk
Players are tweeting about the lockout.

Puck Treasures: A program from the 1926 Stanley Cup Final | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
An interesting piece of hockey history is up for sale.

Microsoft's Xbox Live, the NHL and other companies have a serious problem with female avatar clothing | Gaming Examiner
Some females want to be able to have their XBox Live Avatar wear hockey jerseys.

Five Good and Five Bad things about the Lockout. - Last Word On Sports
Who knew anything good comes from a lockout.

The threat of a future lockout is partially my fault. - Battle of California
Earl Sleek of BOC threatens a boycott in response to a lockout.

NHL Center Ice and the threat of a 2012 lockout - On the Forecheck
What happens to NHL Center Ice subscribers in the event of a lockout? Well, at least it looks like one party is looking out for the common fan...

Trending Topics: The owners love who you’re mad at right now | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
We are all mad at Gary Bettman right now but maybe we should be mad at the owners instead.

The Final Howl

Over at Reddit we saw this comment. Gotta love that some QCers still have a sense of humor.