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Coyotes Tracks - July 9, 2012 - Everybody Loves Shane

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Today is the day petitions are supposedly due to the City of Glendale in regards to overturning the City Council's vote on the Coyotes lease agreement. Based on comments recently by petition organizers they seem to think today isn't their deadline. Be sure to check out the link to George Fallar's blog on how the process may wind its way down (or around). Coyotes fans aren't the only ones who have circled today's date on their calenders. Shane Doan has let it be known the results of the petition drive may affect his decision as to whether he will stay in the Valley. Not surprisingly, plenty of folks think Captain Coyote would fit well in their city were he to leave Phoenix.

Links after the jump...

Coyotes News

In Hockey, Either You’re In, Or You’re Out. - Yotesgurl Presents…..
A.J. on the new guys, the old guys, the really old guys, and Doan.

Nebulous Verbosity " They Call It Stormy Monday (but Tuesday’s Just as Bad)
George Fallar breaks down the next steps in the ongoing saga for Coyotes fans.

Coyotes System Full Of Young Defense - Rant Sports
A look at the youngsters and their chances of making the Yotes rostert this upcoming season.

NHL’s nuclear option for Phoenix Coyotes: Dispersal draft rather than relocation? - Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
A nice intellectual exercise. In reality this isn't ever going to happen. The NHL wants its 170 million. One way or another.

For LeBrun, West moments were best - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Pierre's list Includes the Coyotes run in the playoffs.

The 10 biggest NHL offseason surprises –
Two of the 10 directly involves the Coyotes. I'm not sure either were surprises though.

Doan News

Phoenix Coyotes' Shane Doan ready to look over options - The Arizona Republic
The picture for Doan should begin to clear up starting today.

Why the Capitals Need to Make a Play for Shane Doan - Sick, Unbelievable
Shane Doan would like nice in a Caps uni. Then again he'd look nice in any uni.

Why Shane Doan Is Perfect for the New York Rangers - The Hockey Writers
See above.

Inside the Flyers: Free agents provide frustrating week for Flyers -
Again see above.

News From Around the Hockey World

Larry Robinson Hired by San Jose for 2 Years; New Jersey Devils Lose Another Assistant Coach - In Lou We Trust
Looks like Coyotes fans will be seeing more of the NHL Hall of Famer this coming season.

Wild's 72 hours of pursuit, anxiety and elation -
An interesting behind the scenes look at NHL free agency.

Nashville Predators should pay Shea Weber or trade him - The Tennessean
After losing Ryan Suter, columnist Davis Climer suggest the Preds force Shea Webers's hand. Good idea?

CBA News

High cap floor might complicate and motivate summer trades - ProHockeyTalk
Another question might be will there even be a cap floor in the CBA.

Are negotiations on this collective bargaining agreement going better or worse than they went in 2004? -
Comparing this year to 1994 and 2004 things are looking positive this time around.

Scrapping long-term NHL contracts is a bad idea - CBC Sports
Elliotte Friedman argues against limiting the length of contracts in the new CBA.

The Final Howl

Sign Our Petition to Fire Bob Murray - Anaheim Calling
The crew over at Anaheim Calling are collecting signatures just like Mr. Jones and Mr. Cobb. They'll likely be just as successful as well.

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