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Judge Smacks Down Save Glendale Now, Upholds Sales Tax Increase

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Earlier today I again hoped the lightrail to the Old Courthouse to watch Glendale be sued, again, except this time it was Save Glendale Now doing the suing. The City had earlier rejected SGN's petition for 3 reasons, although a question was raised whether or not the City, specifically the Clerk had the authority to reject their petitions. Judge Robert Oberbillig didn't take a lot of time to reject the petition.

The city raised 3 issues with SGL's petition, the lack of serial number in their name, the language of the petition, and the timeliness of the signatures being turned in. Judge Oberbillig found that SGL substantially comply with the rules regarding the series number and they complied with the Arizona Constitution regarding turning the petitions in on time. However the judge agreed with the city about the language of the description. Specifically they found that the language compromises the "integrity of the electoral process" as per the case of Winkle v. City of Tucson, 190 Ariz. 413 (1997).

SGN has five days to appeal, hopefully they do not, and hopefully this removes some of the concerns that Jamison group investors seem to have. The city continues to slowly remove roadblocks to the sale, and this appears to be one of the final roadblocks.