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Coyotes Tracks - July 28th, 2012 - Conspiracy Theory Saturday


Last night Phoenix Coyotes Captain Shane Doan was supposed to be talking with potential owner Greg Jamison over the phone, but we spent the entire day getting updates saying that as far as Doan's agent knew they hadn't spoken. While I'm not sure if they actually spoke, I am fairly certain that we are going to see a couple of people who know as much as the rest of us speculating on it. Hopefully they talked and everything was positive, especially since the news from Shane's agent doesn't seem overly positive, but hey he is doing what agents are supposed to do.

After the jump we have all our links for today, some links on the Doan Saga, some links from around the hockey world, and a story about a prospect who apparently can't handle his booze.

Doan News

Shane Doan reportedly wants a ton of money - Broad Street Hockey
Stop the presses! A free agent wants a boat load of cash!

Report: Doan wants four years, $30 million if he leaves Phoenix | ProHockeyTalk
A little disclaimer, Shoalts said this, and we all know how accurate he is with the Coyotes details. But we know for a fact Coyotes fans everywhere are starting to hate Doan's agent.

News From Around the Hockey World

Stillwater cops: Erik Haula, Gophers hockey player and Wild draft pick, peed in public, cited -
Pssh lightweight.

Who should New Jersey’s next captain be? | ProHockeyTalk
The Devils need a captain after Parise left. Or do they?

When Ice Hockey Was A Summer Sport | USA Hockey Magazine
It would be awesome to be able to watch hockey right now.

Claude Giroux points the finger at Sidney Crosby for causing his wrist injuries | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Looks like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have one more reason to hate each other.

Nashville Predators announce Used Equipment sale, Open house, and single-game ticket sales information - On the Forecheck
AKA the "We need to figure out some way to pay Shea Weber's salary" Sale. But seriously this is I guess an annual thing.

Northwest Division Off-Season Review - Hockey Wilderness
Hockey Wilderness gives a little review of the moves made by Northwest Division teams.

Rick Nash Trade: Q&A With Jackets Cannon - Blueshirt Banter
Blue Shirt Banter and Jackets Cannon asked each other questions about their recent huge trade.

Rick Nash Trade: Q&A w/ Blueshirt Banter Part Two - The Cannon
Part two of the conversation between Blue Shirt Banter and Jackets Cannon.

Wildcat Hockey Announces 2012-13 Schedule | Arizona Wildcat Hockey
The Wildcat hockey team will apparently be taking on some tough opponents next season.

The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: Great Obscure Moments in Leafs History - That time Pat Quinn screwed up the lineup card during a playoff game
Oh The Leafs. Always good for some humor.

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