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Coyotes Tracks - July 18, 2012 - Leaning Forward In The Den

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The dead of summer brings slow hockey news days like today when the biggest news involves assistant coach and two way player signings and we don't even have of the latter for you today. What we do have is a couple of Doan related links, plus four from outside Coyotes land.

Only 87 days until the season opener against the Stars.

Links after the jump...

Coyotes News

Shane Doan taking his time; Phoenix Coyotes don't mind - The Arizona Republic
Includes blurbs on Doan, a possible Mike Smith contract extension, and Bret MacLean's status.

Why Shane Doan Shouldn't Sign a One Year Deal - Five For Howling
The captain's self interest dictates signing a multi-year deal.

News From Around the Hockey World

Rick Nash: Better Dead Than Red? - The Cannon
Rumors of the Red Wings making an offer for Nash puts their division rivals in a quandary.

Capitals Name Calle Johansson Assistant Coach - Washington Capitals - News
The Caps sure do love hiring their former players.

An Afternoon With Former Avalanche Enforcer Scott Parker - Mile High Hockey
Highly entertaining interview with the former Avs tough guy.

Zach Parise 'ran the show' + 30 Thoughts - CBC Sports
This week's edition has bonus content.

The Final Howl

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