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Referendum Signatures Are Turned In

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Today the referendum group that we most often associate with Ken Jones and Joe Cobb turned in 1,568 signatures for their petition to get the arena lease on the November ballot. Of course they turned in their signatures 3 days late and they didn't get enough signatures, they were required to turn in 1,862 and usually you turn in more to account for invalid signatures. Add to all that its possible they petition was invalid to begin with as GlendaleFirst! asserts. It seems very likely that Cobb and Jones will attempt to sue the City to make them accept their signatures late and also at a lower needed amount but it really doesn't seem like they have much of a case. Hopefully whatever judge hears this case will find insufficent evidence to move forward with a case or maybe a lawyer will talk some sense into these guys and they realize they don't need to pay more legal fees to the city. Luckily it doesn't seem like the NHL or Jamison's group are scared by the thought of this one going to court, so hopefully things will move forward quickly.


Craig Tindall was on AM 1060, he confirmed they didn't turn in enough signatures and they are turned in late. He said that the city will prepare a letter stating all the reasons why it isn't valid.