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GlendaleFirst Press Release 7/10/12

July 10, 2012
Contact: Bea Wyatt
Tel: 480-502-3489

Glendale referendum fails to get off the ground

On June 8th 2012 the City Council of Glendale made a prudent and wise decision by approving ordinance 2804 (The Arena Management Lease Agreement) For the past two weeks an army of volunteers with GlendaleFirst! have been hitting the streets, libraries, knocking on doors and calling residences 7 days a week. The overwhelming majority of people committee members talk with to explain the facts of the arena lease come to the same conclusion GlendaleFirst! has; the arena lease as it stands is a good deal for Glendale and will protect the city’s significant investment in the area.

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On July 9, 2012, the attempt to force a referendum on ordinance 2804 fell short of the required number of signatures. ARS 19-142 (A) is very clear as to the 2008 Glendale Mayoral election being the marker for collecting referendum (as opposed to initiative) signatures. ARS 19-142 (C) is very clear that the 30 day window for referendum submission, in this instance, concluded on July 9th. The City of Glendale has also made
this deadline clear in their response to a letter from other parties.

GlendaleFirst! feels residents should know the facts. Those seeking to refer the measure to a ballot waited until June 15 to pull the referendum packet. They then proceeded to delay submitting the referendum application for five days until June 20th at which point they obtained the petition serial number and copy of the adopted ordinance. ARS 19-142 (C) is very clear that, since the referendum backers were provided the packet at the time he requested it on June 15th, there was no delay on the part of the City Clerk. That’s 12 days after the council vote before backers of the referendum measure chose to start
collecting signatures.

GlendaleFirst! grassroots campaign played a major role in informing the electorate and putting down this misguided and misleading referendum attempt. GlendaleFirst! would like to thank their army of volunteers without whom none of this would have been possible. It has truly been a privilege to engage the community alongside so many passionate and dedicated men and women.

GlendaleFirst! calls on the City of Glendale to execute ordinance 2804 immediately, before any further irrevocable harm is done to the City and their investments. Any further delay may cause unnecessary expenses to be incurred by the City of Glendale, Mr. Jamison and the National Hockey League. We need this three year saga to conclude now. We believe Mr. Jamison and his group, who have committed to the City for twenty years, will prove to be valuable assets and ambassadors for the City for years to come.

This is a victory for democracy, the future of Glendale and the pursuit of truth.