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Coyotes Tracks - July 1st, 2012 - Free Agency Day

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Today is the big day, the start of free agency in the National Hockey League. General Manager Don Maloney has suggested that the Phoenix Coyotes will probably not be picking up many free agents, instead he seems to prefer acquiring players through trades. The Yotes have a few players who are free agents so its going to be interesting seeing who stays and who goes, in addition to watching to see if some of the bigger names like Zach Parise end up moving. Also if you have free time this week and are in the Glendale area Coyotes PAC is looking for volunteers to help educate people about the petition on the ballot, especially since it is being billed as an effort to "help fund libraries," if you are interested there are people you can contact.

We have a few stories about the Coyotes after the jump, their free agents and the efforts being made to help them, and we have some news of a couple signings. Check back later today and we will have all the information you need about free agency day and leave a comment about who you think is going to be traded today.

Coyotes News

Delay in Phoenix Coyotes deal leaves future of Shane Doan, Ray Whitney unclear | AZ Central
Free agency starts tomorrow and 2 big pieces of the Coyotes will be taking offers.

Plenty of candidates for next Valley ambassador | AZ Central
Many people consider Shane Doan to be one of the Valley's ambassadors to the world. If he decides to part ways who will take his place? blogs - Westside Insider - westsideinsider - Phoenix Coyotes fans fight Glendale referendum
You can join the fight too.

News From Around the Hockey World

Nashville Predators sign Paul Gaustad for 4 years, $13 million - On the Forecheck
Nashville had a pretty big resigning.

Jets Kane deserves more cash | Winnipeg Jets | Sports | Winnipeg Sun
Evander Kane is set to become a free agent and to get him back the Jets may have to offer him more cash. A lot more cash.

Justin Schultz Signs with Edmonton - The Copper & Blue
Edmonton signed the young kid who created a controversial bidding war without playing in a single NHL game. Lets see how that turns out.

The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: 2012 Free Agency Preview

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