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Coyotes Tracks - June 9th, 2012 - One Small Step For The Team

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Yesterday after hours of talking and opinions and one minor lawsuit the City of Glendale approved a lease for Greg Jamison to have the Phoenix Coyotes play at Arena for the next 20 years. There is still more work to be done though with the NHL and the Goldwater Institute is threatening to challenge the vote in court with a claim that the documents were not released adequately, although watching the meeting it didn't seem like the lawyers were all that worried about a lawsuit. Its back to the waiting game now, if there is no lawsuit then the next big step is going to be for the Board of Governors to approve the deal and hopefully this whole process can be done in the next few weeks.

There is currently a rumor going around that Coyotes Defenseman and Unrestricted Free Agent Michal Rozsival will be heading to the KHL next season. It doesn't look like there is anything official yet and the only article I found was written in Czech and wasn't translating but we will be keeping you posted on that story as it develops. But for today we actually have links about the lease agreement, a few interviews with Coyotes players, and news from around the hockey world all after the jump.

Ownership News

City of Glendale Approves Lease Agreement - Phoenix Coyotes - News
Greg Jamison, Gary Bettman and Bill Daly were all at the special city council meeting yesterday and spoke about how this deal is good for the Coyotes and for the city.

City Of Glendale Approves Coyotes Lease Agreement - Five For Howling
The Coyotes took a big step of today towards ownership with the City of Glendale approving the lease agreement.

Glendale approves lease deal with prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison - Phoenix Business Journal
Still more work to be done and potential lawsuits to deal with next week.

Phoenix Coyotes lease deal approved by Glendale | AZ Central
Lease is approved after such a long meeting.

Judge denies restraining order to halt Glendale vote on Phoenix Coyotes sale | AZ Central
The deal can still be challenged potentially.

Coyotes arena deal approved by Glendale Council; now comes hard part | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
It was a big step but there is still much to be done.

Glendale approves deal with Coyotes, Jamison | Fox Sports Arizona
Hopefully this whole thing finishes up soon.

Coyotes News

06/08/2012 - Interview with Vrbata Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
Radim Vrbata gives his final interview of the season and talks about his season.

06/08/2012 - Coyotes captain Shane Doan Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
Doaner talks about horse racing and the Belmont Stakes.

News From Around the Hockey World

Report: Devils owner has deal with investor to get franchise out of debt -
The Devils have been having financial problems and they are getting a new silent investor to help them deal with their debt.

AHL admits ‘rules interpretation error’ on Norfolk’s freaky OT goal vs. Marlies in Calder Cup | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
A terrible way for the Toronto Marlies to lose a game with an insane bounce that should have been called offsides.

The top-10 hits of the 2012 post-season (video) | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
The Score shows their top-10 playoff hits and they all make you want to say ouch.

"That's Why You Play": Papa Sutter Wants You Spoiled People To Get A Grip - Jewels From The Crown
It is a pretty unrealistic claim to want your team to sweep every series.

Five reasons why 2012 Stanley Cup Final has been a ratings disappointment | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Ratings are down for the Stanley Cup Final this year.

The Final Howl

86 year-old Cy Wilson might just be my hero | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
An 86 year old is playing rec hockey, which should inspire everyone under 86 to try to play hockey.

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