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City Of Glendale Approves Coyotes Lease Agreement

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With a final decision of 4-2 in favor the City of Glendale has approved the lease agreement with Greg Jamison which would keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale for the next 20 years. Earlier today the Goldwater Institute attempted to block this vote but the judge ruled that it did not have the authority to prevent a vote from taking place, gotta love the separation of powers and a system of checks of balances. Speaking of which the Goldwater Institute said that they would challenge the vote in court if it passes so expect some challenge, but from everything I've heard from actually informed people their challenges were about the timeliness of the documents and not the legality of the deal.

As long as a judge doesn't rule against the deal, which hopefully they won't, the last step for the deal is for the NHL Board of Governors to approve of the deal. Hopefully this will go quickly, Commissioner Bettman mentioned the sale can be completed within weeks. Jamison and Bettman were both at the meeting and spoke before the voting took place and spoke about hopes of a bright future for the Coyotes and Glendale.

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