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Coyotes Tracks - June 7, 2012 - Late Afternoon Edition

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Today's a bit light on hockey news unless you are a Coyotes fan or care about those two teams playing for that minor trophy named after some British dude. We've got ownership news surrounding the Jamison Group proposal, Craig Morgan talking trade possibilities, as well Bob McClay talking about the Yotes need to expand their fanbase in the Latino community. Today's Final Howl involves another story about Charlies Sheen being...Charlie Sheen. He's not #winning at hockey games. Maybe he should have asked his brother and well regarded hockey coach Gordon Bombay for help regaining admittance to last night's game in L.A.

Links after the jump...

Ownership News

Proposed Coyotes deal stirs questions - The Arizona Republic
Questions about the management deal continue to be asked.

Jamison Still Trying To Raise Money To Purchase Coyotes - Forbes
Forbes claims Jaimson still hasn't raised enough money to buy the team.

Letter to the Mayor and Councilmembers of Glendale - Goldwater Institute
Sounds like begging, but not the kind that leads to lawsuits. Maybe Cupcakes?

Phoenix Coyotes sale: Timeline of team in Glendale - The Arizona Republic
One ugly timeline.

Whoa! Stop the railroad - The Arizona Republic
The Republic's main Editorial Board makes comments similar to that of the West Valley Board did the other day.

Coyotes News

Jordan Staal tempting target for Coyotes - The Arizona Republic
Could the Pen center be on the trade block soon?

Coyotes could find new fans in Latino community -
The Phoenix Coyotes' recent run through the Stanley Cup playoffs brought much-needed positive attention to the team in the Valley.

Captain Coyote Shane Doan turns to his roots in the off season | Phoenix
The captain of the Phoenix Coyotes National Hockey League team is also a horse horse enthusiast.

News From Around the Hockey World

New Jersey Devils Stay Alive in Stanley Cup Finals with 3-1 Win Over Los Angeles Kings - In Lou We Trust
The Devils forced a Game 5 Saturday in Newark.

John Davidson Reportedly Interviews With Columbus Blue Jackets - The Cannon
Could J.D. moving from one Midwest city to another?

Steve Tambellini's Contract Extension: I Don't Understand the Length - The Copper & Blue
That's ok because I don't understand the extension.

Avalanche Re-sign David Jones for 4-Years, $16 Million. Hunwick Too for 2 years. - Mile High Hockey
Did the Avs overpay?

The Final Howl

Report: Charlie Sheen goes ballistic on security guard at LA Kings playoff game - FOX Sports

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