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Notes From Coyotes Prospect Development Camp: Day 1


Photo by Me

Its that time of year again, and yesterday the Coyotes Prospect Development Camp started at the Ice Den in Scottsdale. The camp will be going on today, Wednesday, and Friday and starts at 2:15. Its free to fans so if you have the time and are able to get to Scottsdale I highly recommend you check out the future players of the Phoenix Coyotes. Also a good thing about the Development Camp is that you may get a chance to bump into the Coyotes staff, I ran into Coach Tippett and General Manager Don Maloney.

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It takes a bit of time to get used to watching players on the ice, everything seems to be going on so fast and all over the place. Your mind adjusts slowly though and you start to notice certain players and plays just pop out. That being said everyone on the ice looked good and they skate at a higher level of hockey then I could ever dream of doing but the following players stood out to me for one reason or another:

Alexander Ruuttu, 34

Chris Brown, 44

Henrik Samuelsson, 55

Evan Bloodoff, 65

Brendan Shinnimin, 39

Brandon Gormley, 4

Mathieu Brodeur, 46

Mark Visentin, Red Goalie

Free agents

Miles Koules, 76

Austin Carroll