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Candidate For State Representative Supports Coyotes And Denounces Petition

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Two days ago I spoke online with a person who works on the campaign of Patricia Flickner, who is running for State Representative in Legislative Districtive 15. She had the following comment about the situation:

"The Coyotes are an integral part of both the identity and economy of Glendale. The petition going around now is to bring this decision to a vote, not for the peoples' voices to be heard, but for the deal to be killed by people who oppose any sort of government action to help improve the economy. Without a deal in place to ensure the continued support of the Coyotes, hundreds maybe thousands of our neighbors' jobs would be lost. Please, support the Coyotes and do not sign the petition."

- Pat Flickner

Candidate for State Representative LD15

Regardless of your politics it does not appear that many people who are involved in state politics are speaking up, except for those who already have spoken on the issue, and few people are making such a definitive statement.

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