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Goldwater Finally Got Around To Their Lawsuit

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Today over Twitter Lisa Halverstadt (@LisaHalverstadt) reported that the Goldwater Institute is suing the City of Glendale over "failure to release #Coyotes deal exhibits, conduct competitive bid for arena operations." I would say that we all expected something like this to happen sometime this week, they threatened to sue if the council voted and they seemed to get the go ahead from the judge after they lost the case to delay the vote last week. What exactly does this mean for the Phoenix Coyotes to stay in Glendale? To be honest I'm not entirely sure. The failure to release documents would most likely lead to a revote, which would probably go for the Coyotes again, if Glendale loses the case. To be honest I'm not sure what, if anything, would happen if they lose the competitive aspect of the lawsuit. So far we haven't gotten too much information but keep coming back here for more information.


Glendale has released their official statement about the lawsuit: "Glendale maintains it is in compliance with all laws applicable to the Arena management agreement. This agreement will provide the maximum benefit from the arena to the citizens of Glendale over its term. The arguments presented to the Court by the Goldwater Institute and the other plaintiffs attempt to invalidate a decision by duly elected representatives of the citizens."