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Coyotes Tracks - March 26th, 2012 - Final Match Is Set

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Last night we learned who will be playing for the Stanley Cup this year, it will be the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings. The Devils beat the New York Rangers in overtime, winning the series in 6 games, and earned the right to play for the ultimate prize in sports. Personally I'm glad that the Devils one, they are one of my favorite teams in the East, and I thought that that they had the best chance to beat LA because the Rangers really seemed to be tired these past few games. The Devils also played a very calm game against the Philadelphia Flyers and I remember it was suggested that the Coyotes should have played like that against the Kings in their series.

In actual Coyotes news, there wasn't really anything. Everyone seems to be talking about the heated handshake line, although a lot of people have been pretty understanding about it, except for people in comment threads and on Twitter. We also have some news from around the hockey world, including what may be the best quote ever.

Coyotes News

What really went down between Shane Doan and Dustin Brown in the post-series handshake line? | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
How long are people going to be talking about this.

Phoenix Coyotes' Mike Smith lobbies for return of goalie coach Sean Burke | AZ Central
Mike Smith wants the Coyotes to resign Sean Burke. In my estimation every Coyotes fan feels the same way.

Report: Coyotes under investigation for postgame actions | ProHockeyTalk
"Unprofessional and unacceptable." Hey that's how I described the referring during Game 5.

Doan clarifies handshake line: "I didn’t swear at [Brown]" | ProHockeyTalk
Doan probably said less on the handshake line then any of us would have.

Glendale invites fans to thank Phoenix Coyotes for record-breaking season | AZ Central
If you are in Glendale you can create a card that will be delivered for the team.

News From Around the Hockey World

Brown on handshake line: "I’m moving on" | ProHockeyTalk
I have a bit more respect for Dustin Brown.

Friday’s Three Stars: Devils head to Final; Brodeur, Kovalchuk the difference in Game 6 | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The 3 Stars of the Devils/Rangers Game 5.

Tortorella praises Rangers: "I love our jam; I love our balls" | ProHockeyTalk
Best quote ever.

New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils Game Recap - 05/25/2012
Congrats to the Devils for beating the Rangers in 6.

Debunking the "Proven Winner" myth in the National Hockey League - Ivey Business Journal
Another hockey myth bites the dust.

The Final Howl

The 10 Most Annoying Hockey Fans - The Hockey Writers

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