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Coyotes Tracks May 22nd - Lunchtime Edition - OM NOM NOM NOM

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He everybody! I'm doing links today! Aren't you excited? Yes? Oh, about the game? Well, I guess that's okay too. Sorry your daily knowledge bomb of everything going on about the Coyotes is late. You'll just have to bask in the light of your computer monitor while you eat that rice bowl or whatever you have. If you packed a bologna sandwich then I'm very sorry. You should plan lunch better. We'll have some semblance of a preview up later today and then it's game 5! (Which will hopefully lead to game 6 and game 7) See you then!

Coyotes/Playoff Series Links:

Coyotes are the team too tough to die
The Los Angeles Kings' 7-0 road record is such a dangerous topic of conversation at their end, and such

LA Kings Phoenix Coyotes 2012 NHL Western final game 5 preview - Allan Muir -
It's small picture time for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Coyotes beat Kings, Arizona gets its Game 5 -
Coyotes beat Kings, Arizona gets its Game 5


Vermette enhances Coyotes' winning chemistry
He's Done Pretty Well this Post Season.

Phoenix Coyotes cautiously optimistic heading into Game 5
But hopefully not toooo optimistic. Leave it all out on the ice. Again.

Kings Watercooler Talk: How Would You Fix LA's Woeful Power Play? - Jewels From The Crown
I wouldn't!

2012 Stanley Cup playoffs: Dave Tippett made you believe in the Phoenix Coyotes - ESPN
He's awesome like that.

Shane Doan Looks At To Game 5 - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN covers hockey!?

Phoenix Coyotes' Radim Vrbata neutralized by Los Angeles Kings
Pretty sure he's at about 53% right now. Definitely one of the guys who will have surgery shortly after the season is over.

Smith steals Quick’s spotlight, sets NHL record of his own - ProHockeyTalk

"Mike Smith made 36 saves in his 2-0 victory at Los Angeles that enabled the Coyotes to avoid being swept by the Kings in the Western Conference Final. Smith is the seventh goaltender in NHL history to record a shutout with his team trailing three-games-to-none in a playoff series and the first ever to do so on the road."

Other Random things from the internet

Henrik Lundqvist’s season could put him in uber-elite company - Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
I don't like him.

Dissecting the Rebuild of the New York Islanders | Overtime
They're rebuilding?

NHL Awards 2012: SB Nation Bloggers Select Norris Trophy Winner -
SBNation Bloggers are voting for postseason awards. We didn't participate because we didn't remember to vote but we'll call it being busy in the postseason. Several sites are also posting their particular votes so check them out.

Final Howl

Los Angeles Kings give Rainn Wilson, a.k.a. Dwight Schrute, free playoff tickets in a Jell-O mold | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
They should have picked a jello other than green. Green is the worst.