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Coyotes Tracks - May 19th, 2012 - The Hole The Coyotes Dug

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The Coyotes had a day off yesterday complete with an optional skate which had a few players sitting out hoping to get their minds off playoff hockey for a bit. You have to imagine the stress of being down 3-0 in a series has an effect on a player, although the Yotes who were here last year know the scenario all to well. Luckily, they do not give you anything for winning 3 games and the Coyotes still have a chance to do something, no matter how small that chance is. I did not read anything giving a definitive answer but it seems extremely possible that Adrian Aucoin may be returning and Martin Hanzal's suspension is up so he will be playing in Game 4, which means the Coyotes may have their strongest lineup to date. Also we have some good news on the ownership saga, the City of Glendale earmarked $17 million for the arena management deal which is a small step closer to something getting done on that front.

Last night we did not have any games played, I personally caught up on episodes of 30 Rock and Metalocalypse that I had missed, but we do have some links about the Coyotes and the hockey world all after the jump.

Coyotes News

Off-ice anguish overlooked amid Coyotes' run | Fox Sports Arizona
Off-ice anguish overcome by Langkow, Morris a story that shouldn't be lost amid Coyotes' playoff run.

Phoenix Coyotes frustrated by penalties in series | AZ Central
Frequent penalties have frustrated the calls in the series against LA, and it may have effected their momentum in the series.

Phoenix Coyotes feel prepared to deal with deficit | AZ Central
Phoenix Coyotes feel prepared to deal with deficit, The 2012 version of the Coyotes had to claw their way into the playoffs, learning how to compete in difficult situations.

Goalie coach Burke a pending free agent - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Coyotes need to sign him. Sign him now. Give him all the money he wants.

Trending Topics: The Phoenix Coyotes and the making of a villain | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Apparently now that we are losing we are also being seen as the villain for reason that make absolutely no sense to people outside of Chicago, who are still pissed about losing, and LA, who appear to be sore winners.

The Desert Dog Blog: It's 'Desperation Time' for Coyotes - The Desert Dog Blog - by Dave Vest
The Coyotes are in a tough spot and they have absolutely no room for error in their remaining games.

Glendale earmarks $17 million operations fee for Phoenix Coyotes Arena | AZ Central
A finalized deal hasn't gone through yet but the council has approved a $17 million operations fee earmark for the budget.

Coyotes’ Boedker: "The series isn’t over, we still plan to win it" | ProHockeyTalk
Boedker has faith that the series isn't over. Lets hope he is right and they take it one shift at a time and one game at a time.

For Coyotes, series is over when focus turns to refs -
Adam Green says the Yotes have into a better team.

News From Around the Hockey World

Want to buy Pocklington’s Stanley Cup rings? Well, you can. | ProHockeyTalk
Of course, they aren't cheap.

Ex-referee Fraser: Brown hurting his reputation with diving | ProHockeyTalk
"Once a player skates down the slippery slope of embellishment, I can assure you it causes every referee to question that player's honesty when determining a legitimate foul."

Mike Richards: refs "know what’s embellishment and what’s not." | ProHockeyTalk
Mike Richards thinks the refs "called a pretty good game." In other news Mike Richards is in idiot.

Alberta premier says province won’t fund new arena…though it still sort of could | ProHockeyTalk
The province won't provide money for the new arena but the city can tap into the Municipal Sustainability Initiative grant which goes to stuff like roads, bridges, and emergency service facilities.

Kings unveil "Sandley" Cup | ProHockeyTalk
Headless Dustin Brown on the Kings' Stanley Cup jinx magnet? I like the idea of Brown not having a head.

NHL Lockout Fears Shouldn't Consume You Just Yet -
The calender reads May, not September.

Jamaica’s Winter Olympic ice hockey dream bolstered by IIHF acceptance - Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Another warm weather country decides to join in the best sport on the planet.

The Final Howl

Fox News gives Los Angeles Kings the worst highlight package of NHL playoffs (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
And I thought our local media didn't give a shit about us.

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