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Coyotes Tracks - May 15, 2012 - Oil And Dustbusters

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The Coyotes take on the Kings tonight in game two of the Western Conference Final. Lets all hope the rust and cobwebs have been cleared away and the Desert Dogs come out with a much stronger effort than in Game One.

Coyotes News

Crews work to maintain ice at Arena - The Arizona Republic
This time of the year ice crews have a hard job given the outdoor temps.

Phoenix Coyotes loyalists still proudly howling after all these years - The Arizona Republic
Some of us have been keeping the faith for 15+ years.

Antoine Vermette's Impact Felt For Phoenix Coyotes -
Vermette was one of the few Coyotes who played well in Game 1 of the Kings series.

Phoenix Coyotes' Rusty Klesla playing through the pain - The Arizona Republic
Rusty's face has been a puck magnet this postseason.

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News About Tonight’s Enemy

Phoenix Coyotes have hands full with multiple threats of Los Angeles Kings - The Arizona Republic
These aren't the Hawks or Preds.

Sunbelt success great for teams, better for NHL - Fox Sports Arizona
People pay attention to hockey in Arizona & California?

2012 Stanley Cup playoffs: Phoenix Coyotes need to return to getting the job done as a team - ESPN
Even without a so-called superstar, the Coyotes are getting the job done with their workmanlike solidarity, writes Pierre LeBrun.

Line of Dustin Brown-Anze Kopitar-Justin Williams tough to handle -
No kidding.

Kings already making historical run - View From My Seats
Who will be the Coyotes' Joe Juneau? Antoine Vermette, perhaps?

Gagne cleared, won’t practice " LA Kings Insider
Sounds like its doubtful Gagne will be ready to play in the series against the Coyotes.

NBC Los Angeles thinks the LA Kings are the Sacramento Kings (PHOTO) - Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
This is what happens when local news people ignore their own hockey team and then all of a sudden jump on the bandwagon.

Los Angeles Kings' determination was key in Game 1 against Phoenix -
"They're a pretty veteran team, one of those teams that keeps coming at you." Why yes MR. Richardson that is what the Yotes do. Expect more of it tonight.

Kings - Coyotes Game 1 Scoring Chances -
Phoenix had scoring chances on Sunday?

Phoenix Coyotes Say They Have More To Worry About Than Los Angeles Kings’ Top Lines " Frozen Royalty
Guess my "anemic" comment about the Kings 4th line wasn't the case on Sunday.

Phoenix Coyotes looking in mirror entering Game 2 against Los Angeles Kings - The Arizona Republic
More energy needed in Game 2.

Kings expecting big push from Coyotes " LA Kings Insider
As they should.

Red Light District Hockey: Kings thriving away from home

News From Around the Hockey World

2012 NHL Playoffs: Rangers Erupt In The Third Period To Take Game 1 - Blueshirt Banter
The Rangers beat their cross river rivals in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Final Howl

Down Goes Brown: Hidden playoff injuries revealed

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