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WCF: Coyotes Tracks - May 12, 2012 - The Waiting Game

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So there wasn't any hockey last night and we are all going a little on edge because of the lack of playoff hockey and the anticipation of the big match tomorrow. That probably explains why one of the top stories yesterday was "Keith Yandle isn't recognized at Phoenix Best Buy" but luckily there will be more playoff hockey tonight when the New York Rangers take on the Washington Capitals and tomorrow when the Western Conference Final opens with the Phoenix Coyotes taking on their future rivals. Right now all we can do is sit and wait though, and be glad that we are still in a position where we are still passionate about playoff hockey.

Despite the lack of hockey going on there was a surprising amount of Coyotes stories coming out yesterday, although it really shouldn't be surprising because they are one of the big stories of the time, we also have some news from around the hockey world and some news about our future opponents.

Coyotes News

Playoff Rookies Chipping in for Coyotes - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
All three have plenty of time in the league though.

Coyotes fan gets no respect | Winnipeg Jets | Sports | Winnipeg Sun
In Winnipeg one idiot burned an old Coyotes jersey and made the news. Luckily at least one awesome and reasonable Coyotes fan is in Winnipeg and we salute him.

Coyotes' Burke paying it forward as Smith's mentor - Coyotes vs Kings - 2012 Stanley Cup Conference Finals
Sean Burke is paying it forward.

WCF: Phoenix Coyotes vs. Los Angeles Kings Series Preview: The Special Teams - Five For Howling
A look at how the Phoenix Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings match-up in odd man situations.

Coyotes making hockey cool in the desert again –

Kings, Coyotes shaped by Gretzky's influence | Fox Sports AZ
Both teams have history with the great one, one is positive, one is mostly negative.

Coyotes Bond over Playoff Beards - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
While growing a beard in the playoffs is a standard, some of the Coyotes players have taken the rite and added a competitive spirit to it.

Coyotes creating excitement about hockey with playoff run | TSN
The Coyotes are starting to generate some positive buzz both with fans and the news media.

LEAKED: The Unofficial-but-probably-100%-correct Schedule for Games 3 & 4 - Jewels From The Crown
The NHL still hasn't officially released the schedule for Games 3 and 4, which is complicated by LA"s basketball teams being in the playoffs.

Report: Yandle goes unrecognized at Phoenix-area Best Buy | ProHockeyTalk
One of the perks of playing in a nontraditional market, being able to live your life.

Red Light District Hockey: Series preview: Coyotes vs. Kings
Ryan Porth offers his thoughts on the series.

Coyotes Enjoying Time in Arizona's Spotlight - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
The Bandwagon is in effect, however Keith Yandle still isn't recognized around town.

Jonathan Quick vs. Mike Smith in the battle for Stanley Cup Final, Conn Smythe | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Two of the hottest goaltenders in the league are going to be going head to head to see who has the right to play for the Stanley Cup.

NHL Playoffs 2012, Coyotes Vs. Kings: A Western Conference Final Preview -
Dom from Lighthouse Hockey gives the Kings the edge, but also says anything could happen in the series.

News From Around the Hockey World

Team USA avoids disaster, edges Kazakhstan in overtime 3-2 at Worlds | ProHockeyTalk
Team USA is in third place behind Finland and Canada.

Turns out Radulov and Kostitsyn may have missed curfew by an hour | ProHockeyTalk
The new report is that they got back to their hotel at 1 am.

Islanders arena is No. 2…on a list of the nation’s worst stadiums | ProHockeyTalk
Poor poor Islanders fans.

Tippett on shot blocking: "I don’t know if it’s good for the game. It’s good for winning" | ProHockeyTalk
Recently some people have started complaining about the number of blocked shots in the playoffs. Tippett has some words of wisdom about blocking shots.

The Los Angeles Kings official Twitter feed will someday be looked at as a pioneer, of sorts | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
The Coyotes need to step up their Twitter game. Maybe we should put Bissonnette in charge of it?

Don’t insult Bikini Hockey League with comparisons to Lingerie Football League | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Would you watch it?

For better and worse, players from the former Soviet bloc - 05.14.12 - SI Vault
For better and worse, players from the former Soviet bloc have been the focus of playoff drama. Are they playing to type, or just playing hockey?

The Final Howl

Reflecting on the wonderful quote that is Ilya Bryzgalov: a top 10 (video) | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Looking back on the gifts that Bryz gave us over the year.

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