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Coyotes Tracks - April 21st, 2012 - Time To Finish Them

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Today the Phoenix Coyotes have a chance to do something they have yet to do since moving to the desert, they are just one more win against the Chicago Blackhawks from advancing to Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. There were two big developments in the Phoenix/Chicago saga yesterday, the first is that Chicago coach Joel Quenneville is kicking around the possibility of starting backup goalie Ray Emery over Corey Crawford. The other is that the fate of Raffi Torres will not be announced until later today. Sidenote: Pictures were released of Raffi leaving his hearing and we really needs to buy him some ties and a shirt with a collar. The Coyotes fate is in their own hands though, they have home ice advantage and momentum, and they just need one more win.

Today we have news about the Coyotes, some previews of today's game, and news from around the hockey world, including the team we all love to hate being eliminated yesterday.

Coyotes News

Torres disciplinary ruling to be announced Saturday - Coyotes v Blackhawks - 2012 Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals
Guess we find out today the fate of Raffi Torres.

McCarthy won’t pursue charges in Blackhawks ‘cheap shot’ - Chicago Sun-Times
From Puck Daddy: "Chicago's top cop Garry McCarthy said he won't pursue criminal charges against Raffi Torres for his hit on Marian Hossa. In a related story, some dumbass in the media asked Chicago's top cop Garry McCarthy if he'd pursue criminal charges against Raffi Torres for his hit on Marian Hossa."

News About Tonight's Enemy

Phoenix Coyotes on brink of announcing arrival | AZ Central
Phoenix Coyotes on brink of announcing arrival, The Coyotes find themselves with the opportunity to close out their first-round series against the Blackhawks.

Blackhawks notebook: Time for desperation | Fox Sports Arizona
After uninspired play for much of Game 4, Blackhawks know it's now or never against Coyotes.

Coyotes focusing on task at hand, not history | Fox Sports Arizona
Coyotes have shot at historic series win but know they must stay focused against desperate Blackhawks.

Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford may be replaced by Ray Emery for Game 5, but team - Chicago Sun-Times
Crawford isn't the Blackhawks only problem, but he is the most noticeable one, and he may not play in Game 5.

Chicago Blackhawks: Chicago Blackhawks coach sends a message -
Joel Quenneville says he needs better play from his best players as the Blackhawks are on the brink of NHL playoff extinction

Wary Coyotes Are Taking Nothing for Granted - Phoenix Coyotes - Features
After winning 3 of 4 OT games this postseason, the Coyotes aren't numb to the pressure. They just seem to have found a comfort zone.

Blackhawks vs. Coyotes - 04/21/2012 - Phoenix Coyotes - Preview

Chicago will "talk about" replacing Crawford with Emery in goal | ProHockeyTalk
Will Emery have better luck against the Coyotes? We may find out on Saturday.

Hossa won’t travel to Phoenix for Game 5 | ProHockeyTalk
There is no change in his condition, hopefully he is doing okay.

News From Around the Hockey World

Marc-Andre Fleury shines in Pens 3-2 Game 5 win over Philly - PensBurgh
The Pens take a tight game from the Flyers tonight, avoiding elimination for a second time in a row.

Predators 2, Red Wings 1: Nashville Eliminates Detroit - On the Forecheck
The Nashville Predators took a step forward as a franchise tonight, knocking off a Detroit Red Wings team which has, until now, always played King of the Hill against them.

Flyers’ Giroux punks Penguins fans, fakes a puck toss in warmup (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Claude Giroux is taunting Penguins fans, hilarious.

For teams trailing series 3-1, long odds to advance - - The Stanley Cup
Teams down 3-1 in best-of-seven series in NHL history -- a scenario currently facing five teams, including the Chicago Blackhawks -- have won less than 10 percent of their series.

Predators given custom ping-pong table before Game 5 vs. Todd Bertuzzi’s fun police | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The story is Red Wings' Todd Bertuzzi saw Predators players using the Wings ping-pong table and he told security and chased them away.

Darryl Sutter hates not knowing what time Game 5 will start | ProHockeyTalk
His frustration is easy to understand, its the playoffs and he doesn't know when his game is going to start.

Mike Cammalleri doesn’t have to buy his own game-worn Canadiens jersey after all | ProHockeyTalk
The original asking price for Cammalleri to keep his own jersey was $1200, thankfully Geoff Molson is less insane and gave it to him for free.

The Final Howls

Arizona Toughens Immigration Laws In Attempt To Rid State Of Phoenix Coyotes | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Down Goes Brown: Brendan Shanahan's latest suspension video seems different somehow
I don't think anyone wants Shanahan's job right now.

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